Pivoting Side Table

A customer of mine works as an Air Traffic Controller. He's also an industrial gear-head like me. I created this side table for his son's nursery. The top is made of walnut finished with oils and beeswax. I shaped it similar to an old plane propeller. The top is mounted to a base which has the ability to pivot over the armrest of the leather chair, causing the heavy duty gears at the bottom to rotate. The metal is wire brushed and finished with three coats of lacquer. I made it wicked heavy so that his son couldn't tip it over.


Art is Salvaged Exhibit

Collins and Son, LLC will be here Tuesday April 30, along with eleven other artists.

The event is from 6:30-8:30ish.

This isn't your usual ancient-Russian-pottery-under-glass stuff. Cool stuff by local visual artists using up-cycled machinery and materials, food, music, and a cash bar.

The Cummer Museum chose Gouger and Grunt from the pictures I sent, and I kind of panicked because I couldn't remember who bought Grunt. Thankfully Doug Blair reminded me he had bought Grunt while still hot from the MIG welder, and he is graciously loaning him out for the event.

Tickets are $15 ($10 for members) and can be purchased here.